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Department Education and Training

Dr. med. Anna Gerstenhöfer (Marburg-Elnhausen, D)

Specialist in general medicine, homeopathy, DZVhÄ diploma


Dr. med. Sigrid Kruse (Munich, D)
Deputy Speaker

Specialist in paediatrics and adolescent medicine, homeopathy


Fields of Work of the Department

  • Curricula for homeopathic training, further training and ongoing training
  • Learning goals
  • Learning methods
  • Evaluation
  • as relevant to

– student study groups (university courses)
– Further training for doctors, dentists and veterinary surgeons
– Training for pharmacists
– Training for midwives
– Training for other professions supplementary to Medicine
– Master’s and Graduate studies

  • Training for lecturers
  • Diploma in Homeopathy
  • The variety of opportunities for continuing training (classical seminars and working meetings,
  • quality circles, E-learning, online seminars, and many others)
  • Exchanges relating to these topics (including the demands and regulations in each case), Europe-wide (ECH, ECCH) and worldwide (LMHI, ICCH)

We are looking for working groups and collaborators to address these topics.


The department’s work is related to the field of science. The delivery of regular further and continuing training events remains in the hands of the specialist societies and the individual providers, and is not the responsibility of WissHom.

The Scientific Society for Homeopathy (WissHom) offers ongoing training in purely scientific areas. Within this framework the annual International Coethen Exchange of Experiences (ICE) takes place as the annual congress of WissHom.


Please read more about the Department Education and Training on the German website …