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Department Practice

Curt Kösters (Hamburg, D)
Medical doctor – Homeopathy
Contact: praxis@wisshom.dee



Dr. med. Stefanie Jahn (Hamburg, D)
Deputy Speaker
Specialist in anaesthesiology, homeopathy, emergency medicine, palliative medicine, special pain therapy, naturopathic treatment



The Work of the Department

Within the Department Practice we are concerned with everything which has to do with improvement of the tools of homeopathy, with remedy provings, Materia Medica, documentation of cases, and so on. This department is concerned with internal homeopathic research.

We are still looking for people to take part in our working groups: Glopedia, Case Documentation, Law relating to remedies and Quality of Remedies.

Projected Working Groups

  • Homeopathic remedy provings
  • History of homeopathy
  • Interventions in accordance with the Law of Similars
  • Management of quality and evaluation of practice
  • Prevention and dietetics
  • Ethics
  • Trends in homeopathy
  • The concept of Miasms
  • The homeopathic concept of disease

Position Statements

We are likewise seeking authors to formulate our Position Statements on topics such as:

  • Compatibility/Incompatibility with other therapies
  • Action and effect of remedies
  • Obstacles to cure and how to manage them
  • Indication-specific peculiarities and problems in homeopathic treatment (e.g. emotional diseases)

Initially with an article you are not formulating a final pronouncement by the scientific community, but the starting point for further discussions.


If you are interested in working groups or in being an author, please get in contact with Curt Kösters (


Please read more about the Department Practice on the German website …