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Welcome to the Website of the Scientific Society for Homeopathy!

The Scientific Society for Homeopathy (WissHom) was founded in 2010 in Köthen (Anhalt) in Germany with the following goals:

  • evaluate existing homeopathic knowledge,
  • create new homeopathic knowledge,
  • promote homeopathic research,
  • develop innovations in education and training and
  • establish homeopathy in the academic discourse.



Scientific Society for Homeopathy

WissHom wants to contribute to the progress of medicine and to the benefit of the general public. The basis for this is a practical and theoretical development of homeopathy. The task of WissHom is to fill this committed goal with life.
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The work of the Scientific Society for Homeopathy (WissHom) is carried out in the departments Research, Practice and Teaching.
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Within our projects we want to evaluate, scientifically substantiate and further develop homeopathic practice.
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WissHom Congress ICE

The International Coethen Exchange of Experience (ICE) has been held regularly in Köthen (Anhalt) since 2001. The first ten ICE congresses were organized within the framework of the European Institute of Homeopathy (InHom). Since ICE 11, the congress has been held under the umbrella of WissHom.
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Under the umbrella of WissHom, the ICE congress volumes are published and up-to-date reports on WissHom activities appear regularly in the AHZ.
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With the beginning of the year 2021, the European Library of Homeopathy (EBH) in Köthen (Anhalt) was transferred from the German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians (DZVhÄ) to the Scientific Society of Homeopathy (WissHom).

This means that both homeopathy specialist libraries are once again united under one roof.
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