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Department Research

Dr. med. vet. Petra Weiermayer (Vienna, A)
Specialist veterinarian for homeopathy, EAVH diploma



Sandra Würtenberger, Dipl.-Phys., M. A.
Deputy Speaker




Research Department Activities

WissHom’s Research Department views itself as both a scientific “burning glass” and a research hub, and plans to establish itself as a major centre for intrinsic and extrinsic homeopathic research. Internal research is aimed at the ongoing development of homeopathy as well as the homeopathic study of principles, epidemiology, and clinical issues, including within the context of conventional criteria.

The Society’s members contribute their extensive experience, comprehensive knowledge of both theory and practice, and skills gained from practice and research to the planning, execution and successful conclusion of  projects – collaborative, whenever possible. As a peer group, they also offer constructive criticism aimed at improving their own projects as well as those of others.

For now, WissHom plans to restrict its activities to the support of classical homeopathy. The organisation’s vision is to conduct a mono- or multi-centric study that will conform to the highest scientific standards of classical homeopathy and orthodox medicine.


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